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A little bit about me...


My passion & love for photography began when I was a child with my polaroid. As I grew up, it continued to flourish while I self-taught myself digital photography & photoshop. Don't worry - I did go to school for Photography & Sport Management eventually earning an MBA in Sport & Entertainment Management.


For the past 10+ years I have been studying, learning, & perfecting my craft through schooling, hands on experience, & assisting Master Photographers.  Specifically working as with Lollapalooza, Insomniac, A3, Live Nation,  ESPN, Excision Presents, Restless Media, Disney Fine Art Photography & more! 


Hi! I'm Taylor Regulski the one & only CameraLady !

Yep, that's me over there to the left, except now my hair's blonde but, you get the picture. 

Welcome to the page where you get to learn all about me. Not that everyone wants to but, you're here for a reason so thanks for stopping by.


Currently, I reside in Orlando, FL where I specialize in music, portrait, marketing, sports, event, & wedding photography.  Now I do dabble in other types such as product, maternity, pet, & food photography since I have a passion for bringing moments to life. I also frequently travel to & do work in my hometown of Chicago, Miami, & Tampa. 


My style is unique yet consistent for every type of photography I capture. It's often described as vibrant, moody, dramatic, & fun. No matter what I am shooting, I approach everything with the same mindset:

"I want to tell a story & bring it to life. I seek to convey the emotions, make people long to be there, & turn magical moments into your favorite memory. Each image I want to have a lasting impression on your heart & mind."

I often describe myself as a fly on the wall because I tell my clients "You, do you!" & I'll capture it all. I strive to capture the authenticity of moments & in turn tell the stories of these small fleeting moments in our lives. 

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