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Let me answer a few questions for you...

What types of photography do you do?

My main specialities of photography are music, portrait, lifestyle, marketing, sports, events, and engagements/weddings. Now, my craft does not stop there. I have additional experience also doing product, maternity, food, convention, pet, & street photography. For the most part I have dabbled a little bit in everything but, am always open to new opportunities.

What are your rates for services?

Rates vary depending on what type of photography services you are looking for! For any type of photography that would fall under the category of "Portraits" please refer HERE for pricing, packages & booking. If you are interested in my services for a wedding or engagement, please refer to my Wedding Information page. Maybe you're looking for something else, such as convention photography, product photography, or maybe going on tour. If that's you please fill out the Contact Form.

Where are you located & do you travel?

Currently I am located in Orlando, FL. I frequently travel to Chicago & Miami for events multiple times a year, so be on the look out when I may be in one of those cities. Yes, I do travel & will travel to where you are to provide services. Please know depending on your location travel fees will be charged.

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How far in advance do I have to book?

Portrait & portrait related sessions must be paid in advance via my booking site. Wedding deposit fees & deadlines will be stated in your contract & vary depending on the package. For other photography services it will vary depending on what your needs are. Please reach out to me for further information. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Do you require a deposit?

It depends on the type of session you are booking. For portrait or portrait related sessions you must book at least 2 weeks in advance. Weddings must be booked a minimum of 2 months in advance depending on the size. All other types of sessions depend on the services you are needing. The earlier the better because I do not have a set schedule.

Do you offer Discounts?

Currently, no. At various times through out the year, I will run specials or discounts for specific types of sessions.  Remember - you get what you pay for.


If I am out of your budget please contact me. My services are also offered through a company called Shoott & you can book me there for no upfront costs! If neither of these options work, I would be more than happy to recommend a fantastic photographer who is in your price range. 

Does it cost extra for
more photos & editing?

No. All of my packages come with a minimum guarantee of images. This is the smallest amount of photos you will receive & you will not receive less than that.

No. Editing fees are included with package pricing. If you request additional edits or more fine retouching, and your package does not specify "fine-retouching" then there will be an additional fee for editing based on the request.

Do you charge cancellation
 or rescheduling fees?

Yes. There are some cancellation & rescheduling fees for all types of sessions & photography services. Please see the below information for cancellation fees pertaining to different sessions:

Portrait Sessions: "A cancellation fee of $100 will be charged if you cancel within 48 hours of your session. If you have an emergency & need to reschedule please contact CameraLady via email. No re-scheduling fees will be charged for first date change. Any date change after will be charged $25."

Weddings: "A minimum of 60 days notice will be requited for cancellation. Any cancellation made with less than 60 days notice prior to the agreed upon service date will result in full payment to be made. Emergencies & acts of God are the exception which are noted in each contract."

All other services: "A cancellation fee will be charged based on the rate & or quote you are given & what services are being provided. All details regarding this & rescheduling will be noted in the contract between the Client & CameraLady."

If the cancellation needs to be initiated by me, CameraLady, no cancellation fee will be charged. You will be able to reschedule, if that is an option for you or receive a refund.

Where can I have my session?

ANYWHERE! Your house, a serene garden, by the breath taking water front, or maybe an urban setting if thats your vibe. If you have a location in mind please consult me first. Particular locations will require permits and there will be additional fees charged. Maybe you're unsure of a location - that's okay too! This is a collaboration between you & me. Send me a message with your vision & I can recommend some fabulous locations. 

Do you have a Studio?

No, I do not have a full studio at this time - but can offer small sessions for 1-2 people at my mini home studio. If you are looking to utilize a studio for your session we can find one together- I know A TON of beautiful ones! Please know additional fees will be charged for any studio rentals or permits needed for your session.

Do I get Hi-Res Photos?

Yes! All packages come with high resolution images & a copy right release for printing & social purposes.  If you are seeking services to utilize photos for marketing or sales purposes there will be a licensing fee charged & further discussed based upon what your needs are.

Can you just send me the RAW images?

No, that's not a thing with me. You are hiring my professional services & creative eye. Each photograph I take is uniquely edited by me using my style. Please trust me, my style, my artistic ability, & creativity! If there is a certain editing style you gravitate toward, an image you want to recreate, or particular poses you want to try please let me know. We are working together & I want to ensure all clients receive the best work & exactly what they want. If you do not tell me, I cannot know - I'm not a mind reader!

How & how long does it
take to get my photos?

All images are delivered via a password protected website. You will receive an email with a link to your gallery & the password. Images can also be delivered via dropbox upon request.


Turnaround time depends on what type of session or services you are receiving. If you are booking a portrait session, you will receive your images within 48-72 hours. For Engagement & Headshot sessions the turnaround time is 1 week. Wedding packages each have different turnaround times so please refer to package information HERE. For all other services, it will be determine by what your needs are. 

Do you do proof galleries?

No. I know many photographers do proof galleries so clients can choose which photos they want edited. Personally, I do not. I'm sure you're asking why & from my experience proof galleries often take clients longer to decide which images they want. Since the decision process takes longer that means my turn around & editing time gets extended which means you have to wait more for your images. Highlights for sessions are available upon request & will be 10-15 images. All wedding services come with highlight galleries & turn around/editing time is determined by which package you are purchasing. 

Can I order prints, specialty products,
or albums from you?

Yes - to all of the above. Through your gallery you will have the option to purchase prints or specialty products. If you are looking for an album please contact me directly so I can assist with this inquiry. 

If you are just looking to purchase some of my work from concerts/festivals, sporting events, abstract art, or something else - Check out my store
HERE! Please know, not all of my images can be sold as prints. If you do not see the photograph you are looking for Contact Me.

Wilson Wedding By CameraLady® (12-30-202
I've never had a session with a
professional photographer - HELP!

No need to worry, you're in great hands! All you need to do is show up looking & feeling your best then I'll take care of the posing, lighting, & capturing the best YOU!


If you have any questions, such as: 

"Which session will be best for my family?"

"What do I wear?"

"Can I bring props?"

"Can I bring my pet?" (YES, I LOVE ANIMALS)

....or maybe something else?

Please send me an email & I'll be happy to assist/answer any questions you may have. The past 3+ years I spent working on the booking/consultation end for photography at Disney Fine Art Photography & am more than happy to help plan your perfect session!

Did you go to school
for photography?

YES! Most of my studies were done at Loyola University in Chicago (Go RAMBLERS!) where I started earning a double degree in Photography & Sport Management. In my 3 years there I also was a teaching assistant for all Photography courses. I completed my education at FIU in 2017 where I received a B.S. in Sport Management. Unfortunately, since I was a transfer student they would not allow me to graduate with a double major even though all necessary course work & my final portfolio were completed so I had to settle for a minor. I did continue my education at FAU where I received an MBA in Sport Management in 2019!

CEB Art Basel By CameraLady (Taylor Regu
What experience do you have?

Short answer - A LOT! I have been doing photography since I was a Senior in H.S. Some of my most notable photography jobs have been:

 - Teaching assistant for photography at Loyola University Chicago

 - Coordinator & photographer at ESPN & Disney Fine Art Photography

 - Marketing Photographer for runDisney & ESPN Wide World of Sports

 - Guest Experience Manager for Disney Photo Imaging at Water Parks

 - In House-Media & Marketing Photographer for Lollapalooza, FriendShip, Voodoo, Corona Electric Beach, SXSW & Home Bass.

The list goes on & you can read all about me & my experience HERE!

What is your style?

My style is very unique & different than most photographers. I've learned to uniquely mix lifestyle & fine art photography. Over the years, my style has developed based on my mentors & teachers. Each and everyone of them has had an impact on my creativity, eye for images, and editing.


If I had to choose a few words to sum up my style it would be - bright, moody, dramatic, & fun. I know those words contradict themselves but that is what makes my photography unique. My goal is to bring to life the moment I'm capturing. I want to turn this particular time into a lasting memory. Every session, festival, sporting event, or whatever I may be photographing I approach with the same mindset - "I want to tell a story & bring it to life. I seek to convey the emotions, make people long to be there, & turn magical moments into your favorite memory. Each image I want to have lasting impression on your heart & mind" 

Do not expect any of my sessions to be all seriousness - I mean look at my website, it's pink! I'm a fun, outgoing, energetic, and loud person. You can guarantee I will be my authentic self & to ensure you are having fun & laughing the whole time. All my sessions are typically a mix of posed & candid with great attention to detail - unless other wise requested. I like to truly capture what's going on by giving you prompts for scenarios, roles to play, or explaining what to do. My motto is - YOU DO YOU! - & I'm just there as a fly on the wall to capture that beautiful moment.

Taylor By Taylor Regulski for Lollapaloo

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